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Setting up D2L Pages

The D2L pages have several purposes:

  • Displays a collection of library resources based on the course the student is currently viewing.
  • Maintain a list of related databases (reused  by subject /research guides)
  • Connect subject specialist / liaison librarian

Template Variables

Guides->Subject Librarian

  • Select the appropriate librarian.
  • Used to get contact information from library directory information and information from LibGuides (ie pofile image).


  • Select multiple databases based on the librarian provided list.
  • Special Note: DBs are displayed in the order selected.  Librarians provide suggested priority order.


  • Enter the tag id for the course prefix.
  • The id number is found in LibGuides.
  • Used to display:
    • list of related LibGuides using a widget
    • list of related librarians tagged on their LibGuide profile.
  • Special Note: The tag must be applied in LibGuides to the librarian's profile page and any guide the librarian would like displayed for the course prefix.