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Courier Service

Detail of courier services for materials moving between Main and branch locations

Courier Service

The Library has an internal courier service responsible for shuttling small quantities of materials between the Main Library and the various branch locations (Annex, Architecture, ETL, Government Documents, Library Auxiliary Building, and CVHS).  Each branch has particular needs for incoming and outgoing courier service, detailed below.


From Annex:  bins of books received from vendors. Deliver to Cataloging. Place bins under the ANNEX BOOK DROP sign, next to the Internal Pickup shelf.

To Annex: 

  1. empty bins at External Pickup shelf, deliver to Tabatha Williams.
  2. supplies and mail from Library Mail cubbies.  Deliver as indicated.
  3. periodical bundles from Bindery, placed at External Pickup shelf.  As of 2/27/2017, these bundles are delivered to Michele Seikel.


To Branches: materials cataloged and placed on External Pickup shelves.  These materials will be clearly marked with location-specific colored flags or other specific flags.

  1. BLACK - Vet Med
  2. BLUE - Architecture
  4. DRDS to LAB
  5. ANNEX
  6. etc. as needed

From Branches: materials needing some level of processing.  Place on DRDS-Cat Internal Pickup shelf.


To Annex: bins of materials to be shelved in Annex Documents area.  These bins are deposited at the External Pickup shelf in Cataloging.

From Annex: empty bins deposited at the Internal Pickup shelf in Cataloging.


To Branches:  Assorted materials, supplies, and mail from External Pickup shelves or Library Mail cubbies.

To Main: 

  1. Materials for Cataloging: place on DRDS / Cataloging Internal Pickup shelf.
  2. Materials for others:  distribute as indicated.