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YBP GOBI Approval Bookshelf

Description of Approval Bookshelf contents and record-handling procedures.

Approval Bookshelf and DDA

The Approval Bookshelf contains ebrary single-user (SUPO) titles which have been selected according to our Approval Plan criteria.  These titles ship automatically if no action is taken before the refresh date.  The list refreshes every Saturday.  We receive a 17% discount off auto-ship SUPO items.

The usage of e-preferred approval titles has been dismal so far, especially considering the expense.  On the other hand, our DDA program has been well-received with considerably less expense.  Mid-February 2017, in coordination with RLS and Collection Development, Acquisitions implemented a new workflow to move eligible e-preferred titles to our DDA pool.  Ineligible titles continue to auto-ship. The Library will realize significant annual cost savings with this policy—up to $60,000—while continuing to make thousands of high-quality scholarly ebooks available to our patrons. 

DDA-ineligible titles are a newish thing.  Some publishers have started embargoing their titles from DDA programs.  Often, these are publishers who have their own ebook platform.  They prefer you purchase on their platform.  To encourage such purchases, they demand a much higher price for off-platform purchases.   For example, you can purchase a World Scientific ebook with unlimited user access for $200.  If you buy the same title from ebrary or EBSCOhost, you will pay $200 for SUPO access and multi-user (MUPO) just goes up from there.

DDA-eligible titles, once moved to DDA, have a status of Rejected on the Approval Bookshelf.  If you see a rejected title and would like to purchase it, you have the following options.

  1. If the title is still on the Approval Bookshelf, you may accept it any time before Saturday.  If accepted, we purchase the SUPO license.  The title will not be part of the DDA pool.
  1. Rejected titles have been moved to manual DDA.  If not accepted before the Saturday refresh, they become part of our DDA pool.  You (or a patron) could then trigger the purchase of a MUPO license by navigating to it through our catalog or via the ebrary portal and viewing / printing the threshold number of pages or downloading it.  There is no discount for DDA purchases.  MUPO purchases are usually priced at cloth list plus 30%.

To accept a rejected item on the Approval Bookshelf, simply Mark the item, then click the Accept button at the top of the list.

Mark the item and click Accept