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ALMA Training for Resource Management

This guide contains links and class names for basic training for Alma and Resource Management.
Tags: Alma, Cataloging, Resource Management, Training

ALMA Training for Resource Management

Training Classes for Alma and Resource Management



Introducing Alma

  • Alma 102: Dashboard
  • Alma 103: Repository Search, pt.1
  • Alma 301: MD Editor pt.1
  • Alma 302: MD Editor pt.2
  • Alma 304: External Resources
  • Alma 401: Indexing
  • Alma 402: Importing
  • Alma 403: Repository Search, pt.2

Resource Management

  • Alma-RD-02 : Metadata Editor and Cataloging Templates
  • Alma-RD-03: Configuring External Search
  • Alma-RD-06: Electronic Resources Conceptual Background