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Copy Cataloging Training on ALMA for Student Assistants

Training procedure for monograph copy cataloging in Alma. Rev. 8/7/08 MOD; 1/21/11 MDS; 4/27/2011 CHAN (Numbered Sections); 11/24/15 HF
Tags: Copy cataloging, Monographs, Resource Management

Verifying/editing the bibliographic record

1.  Search for the record by Title:

  • Click on the Alma drop down menu
  • Under Resource Management select Repository Search
  • Select: Find Physical titles where Title contains [title of book]
  • Enter the book title, using the title page version
  • Click on the Go button

FIgure 1 - Title Search


2.  Select the record for the book in hand, confirming title, author, and date of publication

  • To bring up a record from a list on Alma, click on the Edit Record button.

Figure 2 - Search Results

3. This will open the MD Editor.