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EndNote Documentation


The library provides EndNote for OSU-affiliated faculty, staff, and students. Patrons can download install files that do not require them to enter a license code since Clarivate licenses the software to OSU for distribution. These files are hosted on the library's EZproxy server where patrons must use OSU credentials to log in. Direct patrons to the EndNote LibGuide.

There are several library systems used to facilitate the download:

  • MachForms: After clicking the download link, patron's log into EZproxy and land on the EndNote Registration form hosted using MachForms. Once the patron completes the registration form, they land on a web page where they pick their operating system.
  • EZproxy: Once patrons are credentialed and complete the registration form, the MachForm directs them to a series of web pages where they can select their operating system and installer. They can also view pages with installation instructions. We host HTML pages and install files in the docs/loggedin folder on the EZproxy server:
    • registration.htm: Page containing EndNote Registration form
    • choice.htm: Page where patron selects operating system
    • mdownload.htm: Presents patron with Macintosh install files
    • wdownload.htm: Presents patron with Windows install files
    • ENX*_[pc|mac]_install_help.html: Multiple pages with installation instructions for various versions of EndNote
    • Various install files: Installation files for versions of EndNote we no longer support are left in the docs/loggedin folder.
  • GitHub: Web pages are version controlled on the library's GitHub account. Old sites for versions of EndNote that we no longer support are archived within the prev_files/ folder in this repository.

For administrative access to the above systems, contact the DRDS department head.

Current Contact Information:

Technical Support: Juliana Nykolaiszyn (

Patron Contact: Victor Baeza (

Clarivate Representative: Boaz Levin (