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EndNote Documentation


Initiate this process when you need to add a new distribution of EndNote to the download page (LibGuide).


This process results in patrons having the option to download the latest release of EndNote from the download page and updated instructions for the patron with installation steps.



  • DRDS EndNote technical support
    • The below activities are completed by the DRDS EndNote point of contact. They notify RLS once the process is complete.
  • RLS EndNote patron support


Create Volume License Installer (Windows)

Note: The process for creating the volume license installer is subject to change as this process is affected by Clarivate. Please see their site for changes and update this documentation as necessary.

  1. Download the current .msi installer file from Clarivate.
  2. Download the current ADMIN zip file from Clarivate.
  3. Unzip the file and place ADMIN.bat in the same directory as the .msi installer.
  4. Close any Microsoft Office programs.
  5. Launch ADMIN.bat.
  6. Type OSU Libraries for "Licensee."
  7. Input the product key from TeamPass.
  8. Click the acknowledgement check box.
  9. Next to "Network installation point," click "Browse" and choose a location on your local machine instead.
  10. Do not check "Perform administrative installation."
  11. Begin the installation.
  12. The installation will create two files in the destination you chose: the installer and License.dat. These files must be packaged together to create an installer for patrons. You can do this by using the program iExpress that comes with Windows.
  13. In the Windows application search bar, type run and launch the Windows Run app.
  14. In the "Open" text box, type iexpress.exe and click "OK" to run the program iExpress.
  15. Select "Create new Self Extraction Directive file."
  16. Select "Extract files and run an installation command."
  17. Type an appropriate title for the new installation package.
  18. Select (optional) "Prompt user with:" and type an appropriate prompt.
  19. Select "Do not display a license."
  20. Click the "Add" button and select the two files you generated earlier.
  21. In the "Install Program" text box, type msiexec /i ReplaceThisTextWithTheFullNameOfTheMSIInstallFile.msi
  22. Select the default "Show window" option.
  23. Select "No message."
  24. Click "Browse," select a convenient location on your computer to export the new installation file, and give it an appropriate name.
  25. Select "No restart."
  26. Save the Self Extraction Directive to a convenient location (optional).
  27. Create the final package.

This final package contains both the installer .msi file and OSU's license information, so patrons will not need a license key when they run the installer. Upload the final install package to the EZproxy server.

Create Volume License Installer (Macintosh)

The Clarivate representative will reach out to their point of contact at OSU with a link to the download for the Macintosh installer and a product key. They do not always do this like they say they will. Keep an eye out for new releases.

  1. Download the file sent by the Clarivate representative.
  2. Make note of the serial number and product key. Update these items in TeamPass.
  3. Proceed to the next section of this document.

Posting the Volume License Installer on EZproxy

Note: Repeat this process for each version/operating system.

  1. Compress the install file and copy the resulting .zip archive to docs/loggedin on EZproxy.
    1. You can test this worked correctly by navigating to and ensuring your file downloads.
  2. Save a local copy of one of the current instruction pages (named with the following pattern: EN*_[pc|mac]_install_help.html). Rename it appropriately and adjust the content to reflect installation instructions for the latest version of EndNote.
  3. Archive a copy of the new instructions page to the library's EndNote GitHub repo.
  4. Upload the new page into docs\loggedin on EZproxy.
    1. You can test it is working by navigating to
  5. Add appropriate links to either mdownload.htm or wdownload.htm so patrons have links to the new installer and installation instructions.
  6. Update the EndNote Version section of the EndNote Registration MachForm.
  7. Go to the EndNote Download LibGuide and do a test run to ensure everything is working correctly.
  8. Let the RLS EndNote point of contact know the newest version is now available.

Clean Up

  1. Hide any old/unsupported versions from the EndNote Version section of the registration MachForm.
  2. Remove old/unsupported links from wdownload.htm and mdownload.htm
  3. Archive unused instructions pages in the prev_files/ folder of the EndNote GitHub repo.
  4. Commit any final changes to the EndNote GitHub repo.