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Off Campus Library Access Requests

How to handle requests for off campus access from patrons working for, but not paid by, the university

CIrcumstances for granting access

Adjunct faculty, graduate students and research fellows are the groups that most often need special access through o-key. 

  • Access is granted for no more than one year at a time (this is a system limitation).
  • People in this circumstance are sometimes referred to as "Corp 4" which refers to the identity management group they are assigned.
  • Access is granted through the o-key system. This means that the requester must have an active o-key account.
  • People are very rarely given off campus access through EZ Proxy. This is determined on a case by case basis and only applies to people who do not have an active o-key account.
  • Students enrolled on other campuses should use the library access provided by that campus unless there are special circumstances identified by the student's department head.

How access is granted

In order to receive one year of off campus library access through o-key we will need the following form,

  • The form can be faxed, sent via interoffice mail or scanned and emailed.
  • All fields must be filled out including the reason for the request (it doesn't need to be elaborate, but there does need to be a reason)
  • The form must be signed by the department head or similar
  • Every year the request is renewed a new form must be filled out and turned in to the DRDS department head