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A collection of documentation guides for Acquisitions tasks and processes.

Monographs Receiving

Generally speaking, the process is the same regardless of vendor.  However, there are some variations for Shelf Ready materials and EDI vendors.

  1. Make sure you are at an Acquisitions Department (Main or Annex). The choice is based on your geographic location.

  2. On the Alma menu, in the Acquisitions group, Receiving and Invoicing subgroup, click on Receive.

  3. The Receive New Material screen will load.  Make sure you are on the One Time tab.

  4. For non-EDI vendors (everybody except Midwest, Emery-Pratt, and most Yankee / YBP), the invoice will need to be created manually.  Note the POL # on the packing list or invoice, next to the title.  If the item did not ship with enclosures, click on the POL# to view the POL and capture a printable screenshot.

    The easiest way to find the POL for the item to be received is by using the FIND box and typing two or three key words from the title, then hit ENTER on your keyboard.

  5. Conduct a brief quality check of the piece before affixing the barcode or receiving in Alma.
    a. Pull back the dust jacket, if present, and verify that the volume is not bound upside down.
    b. Flip through the book, starting at the BACK, and watch the page numbers go by.  This check is for missing / repeated / upside down / poorly printed / loose / damaged / out-of-order pages.
  6. Stand-alone media and accompanying media (DVDs and CDs only) must be checked for playability.  The exception to this playability check is if the media is not formatted to operate on a PC or is a DVD from a different region.  After conducting the playability check, initial and insert either a Stand-Alone Discs or Accompanying Media flag.

    If you are NOT able to check for playability, note the reason next to the ACQUISITIONS >> Playability check line.

    For standalone DVDS, occasionally you will need to indicate if a piece has Public Performance Rights (PPR).  In general, if a DVD was purchased from Amazon, or costs less than $100, it won't have PPR. Ideally, the PPR availability will be indicated in the Receiving Note, but oversights do happen. There are several ways to identify if a DVD has PPR.

    a.  Label on disc case.
    b.  Statement on invoice / packing list.
    c.  Policy statement on vendor website.
  7. Affix barcode(s) to piece(s).  General rule:  do not cover up unique or important text.
    a. Standalone or accompanying media: affix a "donut" barcode to Disc 1 and affix the scanable barcode inside the media case, or inside the back cover of the book.  Additional "donuts" will be generated by Cataloging for media composed of multiple discs.

    b. Books:  affix inside back cover, near upper right corner.
    EXCEPTION:  material for ETL with a book jacket:  affix the barcode near the upper LEFT corner inside the back cover.
  8. Insert any flags for special handling: branches, Notify, added copy, etc. based on the Receiving Note or a bibliographic search.
  9. Scan in barcode and receive.  Click the ACTIONS button and select Manage Items to proceed.

    a. Check the box to the left of the item.
    b. Scan the barcode.
    c. Depending on your scanner settings, you may or may not have to click the SAVE AND RECEIVE button.


Easiest way is to use the Find interface with the following criteria, then follow steps 5 - 9 as above.

1. Find: [invoice number]

2. In: Invoice Number


Find the titles by invoice number as for EDI Vendors, above and follow steps 5-9, EXCEPT for items with accompanying media.

Do NOT re-barcode the accompanying media with a donut.  This will be done by Cataloging. Check for playability and insert workflow flag.

Finally, check the boxes next to all titles being received.  Click the Save and Receive button.