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A collection of documentation guides for Acquisitions tasks and processes.


We purchase a variety of materials from GOBI in both print and electronic formats and via several acquisition methods (Approval, Firm Order, and Standing Order).  Some print materials receive Shelf Ready processing from GOBI; others are fully processed in-house upon receipt. Numerous ebook providers are available for ordering in GOBI.

To manage the variety of formats, acquisition methods, treatments, ebook providers and payment methods, we have a long list of sub-accounts in GOBI.  While complex, it is still fairly straight-forward.  See the Accounts tab for details.

Firm Orders are placed via their online platform.  GOBI provides Electronic Order Confirmation Records (EOCRs) for most firm order accounts (except 5679-03 Marketplace and the Bypass accounts). EOCRs are brief MARC records containing basic bibliographic information as well as Embedded Order Data (EOD).  The EOCRs are loaded automatically by Alma via daily scheduled import jobs.

GOBI provides EDI invoices for most purchases, except materials purchased on the DDA -01 and RUSH -02 accounts.