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A collection of documentation guides for Acquisitions tasks and processes.

Introduction to Electronic Resources

Management of electronic resources typically begins in Acquisitions, with the selection and localization of an electronic portfolio or electronic collection from the Alma Community Zone, or the creation of a local electronic collection within the Alma Institution Zone and, if needed, the addition of local portfolios via manual creation or bulk import, followed by the creation of a POL (required for invoice tracking) and invoice.

Selection of a resource requires knowing the name and provider of the resource. Usually this is clear from the invoice provided by the vendor, although sometimes it may be necessary to consult with the DRDS head or even the Associate Dean of Operations to ascertain this information.

The following guide will give the user a sufficient, though cursory, grounding on the general process of management of the myriad electronic resources we provide to our community.  More detailed information can be found in the online documentation accessible from within Alma.