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A collection of documentation guides for Acquisitions tasks and processes.

General Workflow

Standalone E-journals:

NOTE:  this is sometimes a trial-and-error process because you can’t see the URL or test access unless the portfolio has been localized.

  1. Locate a portfolio in Alma CZ, ideally within a provider collection although some titles are only available in the Miscellaneous E-Journals collection.  Never use a portfolio from “Free E-journals” for a paid title.
  2. Next steps depends on whether we should already have access to a title, if a POL is needed, and whether we have other titles from the same provider.
    1. Not yet active, POL required:  ORDER and turn on EZProxy.
    2. Active, POL required: ORDER, turn on EZProxy, and Test Access
    3. Active, no POL required:  ACTIVATE, turn on EZProxy if needed, and Test Access. 
  3. If a POL is needed, proceed to create it, populating the required fields with all currently known information.
  4. If the resource is not activated, a task will be created in the Electronic Resource Task List.  The task list makes it easy to monitor the title for access problems once the activation due date is reached / surpassed.
  5. If the access test fails, try it again with EZ Proxy turned off.  If access is successful, then the provider / title stanza needs to be added to EZ Proxy.  If access still fails, verify that you are using the correct provider collection.
  6. If this is the first paid title from the provider or collection, EZProxy will need to be turned on at the Collection and Service levels.  Additionally, it may also be necessary to add parser parameters at the service level (usually just the CLIENTID or LOCATIONID for Gale and ProQuest).
  7. Sometimes there isn’t a portfolio.  Then it must be created manually and added to an appropriate local electronic collection. Optionally, it may also be contributed to an appropriate CZ collection for use by the entire Alma community.  See

Electronic Journal and Mixed Material Collections:

  1. Locate the collection in Alma CZ based on the collection name billed on the invoice.  Use the facets to filter by Interface (provider) if needed.
  2. Next steps depends on whether we should already have access to the collection and if a POL is needed.
    1. Not yet active, POL required:  ORDER and turn on EZProxy at the collection and service levels.
    2. Active, POL required: ORDER, turn on EZProxy for collection and service, and Test Access for an included portfolio
    3. Active, no POL required:  ACTIVATE, turn on EZProxy for collection and service, and Test Access for an included portfolio
  3. Continue as with steps 3-7 for standalone portfolios.


Same as for electronic journal collections, with the additional step of notifying DLS to add the DB to the A-Z list.

Standalone Ebooks and Ebook Collections:

The metadata for CZ records can often be terrible.  Local policy dictates a preference for high-quality MARC records for ebooks.  To that end, it is preferred to manage ebook collections locally, rather than using a CZ Collection.

Most established vendors / providers will provide MARC records, usually at no cost.  However, these are of variable quality and are not always OCLC records.  OCLC records are preferable because it reduces (and often prevents) duplication of records for titles that are accessible from multiple providers, thus keeping the database cleaner.  Vendor records often require hands-on labor to download from their site and upload into Alma, and sometimes require editing prior to load to ensure they meet our minimum standards.

High-quality records for ebook collections can usually be sourced from OCLC’s WorldShare Collection Manager at no cost.  Alma can be configured to automatically fetch and load records in bulk as they become available.  Because staff time is a premium commodity, it is preferable to automate processes whenever possible.

  1. Create local electronic collection, turning on EZProxy if needed.
  2. Set up service, turning on EZProxy if needed.
  3. Create POL for the collection if needed.
  4. Locate and select appropriate WCM collection.  Sometimes this is done for a collection as a whole, in other cases this is a title-by-title process.  Configure the collection for daily record delivery, isolate the records from other collections, and create a unique name for the output files.
  5. Set up bulk import profiles (New, Updates, Deletes) in Alma.  Use the name created in Step 4 to define filename matching parameters.  NOTE:  Filename matching field accepts regular expressions (RegEx).

Upon loading of initial records, test the access.  If a configuration error is returned, try accessing the content from an on-campus device (preferably with a wired connection) without the EZProxy prefix.  If accessible, EZProxy needs to be configured for the provider / resource.