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A collection of documentation guides for Acquisitions tasks and processes.


  1. Gather additional info from patron:  on- or off-campus, wired or mobile device, browser
  2. Check portfolio in Alma and verify that EZProxy is turned on, if needed
  3. Check access from wired, on-campus device
    1. If we have access, is our indicated coverage correct in the portfolio in Alma?
    2. If we do not have access, should we? 
      1. EBSCOnet can be useful for answering this question, though it is not definitive
      2. Alma Acquisitions records are also a good source, although the older records aren’t always logical.
  4. If we have access but our coverage dates are incorrect, edit it Alma.
  5. If we should have access, but do not, file a ticket with provider or vendor
  6. If we should not have access, deactivate and delete the portfolio from Alma.
    1. test on a mobile device,
    2. test from off-campus connection,
    3. test from multiple browsers