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Resources for Hiring Student Employees

This is a collection of resources that may be useful when hiring students such as job description and correspondence examples, interview question bank, and how to check references. This guide will also include a guide to students' first day and what will

Phone Interview Structure

Structure encourages consistency, efficiency, and proffesionalism.

Basic phone interview structure is as follows:
|| Greet and identify your self.

 --> Explaining how the interview will proceed / What to expect (You may reorder according to preference, my preference follows)

--> Job summary and information about the department.

--> Informational questions:  Ask for clarification about skills or other information from application.

--> Obtain any further information needed to contact references.

--> Ask for any further questions from candidate

--> Close with a thank you and information about what comes next:  Schedule in person interview or explain when they should expect to receive a follow-up email.

Example Phone Interview Script

Hi, this is ____ from the OSU Library.  I am calling for (cadidate's name).


I want to go over how today’s interview will be structured.  First, I will tell you a little more about the position, our department, and working for the library.  Next,I have a few questions about your application and skills.  Then we can go over any questions you have and talk about what happens next.  Alright?

Job & Department.

As you saw in your email, we are interviewing for a Student Assistant position to work with the _____________ team. 

The job will involve doing several tasks on the computer, learning new software applications, and working independently.  As a back office job, we are usually able to provide flexible scheduling around other obligations such as classes.  One thing that is important to understand up front is that our positions are not ones that provide opportunities to study on the clock in between tasks.  If you finish a job you are expected to talk to your supervisor about what you can move on to.

This job begins at 10 hours per week and will be scheduled for weekdays between 8 and 5. Our regular work expectation is 10-15 hours worked between 8a and 5p Monday-Friday (except for school breaks).  Would you be able to meet this requirement with your school and extracurricular schedule?



What type of experience do you have working in ______?  (ask about library or software experience to understand skill level)

Is there information or experience that was not describable on our application?  ____  (If yes:  listen to experience or invite them to email a copy of their resume and/or a brief write up about their experience.)

Do you have any other jobs on or off campus that will impact scheduling?  If so, are any of them classified as work-study?



I have ____ and ____ listed as references.  Has their contact information changed recently?

OR I do not have any references listed for you.  Could you email me three references?  These can people you have worked with or for, teachers, or personal reference.  Information that I need for each are name, phone number, email, and relationship/type of reference.  

Do you have any questions?


I would like to schedule an in person interview for ______________ .  Are you available for either of those times?

I will send an email confirmation.  I look forward to meeting you.  Have a great day.