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Resources for Hiring Student Employees

This is a collection of resources that may be useful when hiring students such as job description and correspondence examples, interview question bank, and how to check references. This guide will also include a guide to students' first day and what will

Locating Potential Employees

You can search for employees two ways.  The first is to review work-study applications that have been turned into the library.  If you see students in this applicant pool that you are interested in interviewing, you can skip straight to the first email/contact.

If you do not find students in the work-study pool currently available, the job description can be posted on the library web site under student jobs getting it more visibility and encouraging those with a specific skill set to apply.

NOTE:  It is helpful to others who are hiring if you make notes on applications at the top of the document when you contact someone for an interview or choose to hire them.  (i.e. Contacted for interview. DRDS Tabitha M. 3/6/2016; Hired. DRDS Tabitha M. 3/26/2016)