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Resources for Hiring Student Employees

This is a collection of resources that may be useful when hiring students such as job description and correspondence examples, interview question bank, and how to check references. This guide will also include a guide to students' first day and what will

Library Tour Highlights

5th Floor: Special Collections and offices, Math Resource Success Center, Area of Refuge, Gov Docs & Gov Doc Reference, Computer bank, and group study

4th Floor:  Reshelving areas, point out quiet and silent study areas and north windows, Current Periodicals, mention that this is one of the floors with abundant restrooms in the center and on both ends.  Also mention that this is the floor that has our the majority of our fiction collection and many popular topics including business, music, theatre, and education

3rd Floor:  Reshelving, Staff Lounge & nursing area, point out that the staff lounge is the only 3rd floor restroom and is not available to the public.  Room 306---Reference Librarians and where the Graduate Writing Lab is hosted.  Systems (no need to go in, but knowing office location is helpful.  Highlight group study areas, new study rooms, and the quiet study desks among the stacks.  This floor contains religion, philosophy, psychology, and sociology books.

2nd Floor:  Browsing Room, Bost Study Room, Reading Room, Cobb Study Room, group study space on the landing, two galleries, other displays and electronic signs, Special Collections, Oklahoma Oral History Program --- Explain what each area is, it's purpose, and this is a good time to talk about the library's reliance on donors, the importance of keeping our building always looking it's best, and if you see something that seems out of place...abandoned drinks, or chairs out of place, please take a few seconds to straighten up.  Tour Dean's Office, Communications, Cataloging, DLS/Metadata, Scanning is always a highlight.  Any staff your area frequent receives direction requests for should also be highlighted.

1st Floor:  Cafe Libro, book drops, Computers galore.  Study rooms.  Writing Center Outpost.  Vending Machines (accept credit cards, but not CocaCola bucks or bursar)...ours have caffeine.  The big staircase is a popular place to meet and we allow groups to host tables in the lobby by there.  That is also where you can find spare cardboard boxes to take home for free.

Basement:  This area houses our science and math books.  The Map Room has an amazing collection of current and historical maps with experts to assist in finding the best map for your research.  This is also where we are working on a Maker's Space with tools to prototype new inventions or make improvements to what you already have.  It will have a variety of resources and be updated regularly.  Currently the basement is a silent study zone.