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Weird Cutters

Most cuttering can be done by following the directions in “Basic Cuttering.” However, there are many situations that these directions don’t quite cover, or that need further explanation. These situations will be covered here.
Tags: Cataloging, Copy cataloging, library information, Resource Management, Training
  1. When a museum puts up an exhibition of a single artist’s work, they usually publish a catalog of the exhibition. 


  1. Because all the works in the catalog are by the same person, the main entry will usually be that person.  In addition, the first 6xx field will be for that person.


  1. Ex.: a catalog for a show of Matisse’s work
    1. 100 1      Matisse, Henri, ‡d 1869-1954.
    2. 245  10  Henri Matisse
    3. 600 10  Matisse, Henri, ‡d 1869-1954 ‡x Exhibitions.


759.4               -Dewey for French painting

M433              -Matisse’s Cutter  for 600 field

M433h           Cutter for main entry and workmark



  1. Ex.: A catalog of an exhibit of Picasso’s work, with Picasso as the main entry, edited by L. Besnard-Bernadac.


779.4         -Dewey for French painting (Picasso did most of his work in France) +

P586         -Picasso’s Cutter                +

b555          -for Besnard-Bernadac’s Cutter  + workmark for the title =