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Weird Cutters

Most cuttering can be done by following the directions in “Basic Cuttering.” However, there are many situations that these directions don’t quite cover, or that need further explanation. These situations will be covered here.
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In order to have books about different computer languages and programs shelved together, the Cutters for those books start with the Cutter for the language or program name.  

In some cases, this rule applies to brands of computers as well.  Whether or not to Cutter for these subjects depends on two things:


  1. The first 6xx is the name of a computer language, program, or type of computer.


  1. The Dewey number requires it (i.e., there is a note in the Dewey schedule which starts out, “Arrange alphabetically by …”)


  1. Catalogers must determine if the Dewey calls for the computer Cutter.  If the first 6xx is a computer language, program or computer type, assistants should Cutter for that field and provide the Cutter for the main entry as well.


Ex.: a book on Java by Calvin Austin.  The first 6xx is  650  0  Java (Computer program language)*


005.2762             -Dewey for specific program language with “arrange alphabetically” note

 J41                       -Cutter for Java +

a9                          -letter and number from Austin’s Cutter =