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Weird Cutters

Most cuttering can be done by following the directions in “Basic Cuttering.” However, there are many situations that these directions don’t quite cover, or that need further explanation. These situations will be covered here.
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Some classic works are anonymous, their authors lost or never recorded. Some of them have their own Dewey numbers, others do not. Cutter for them as follows:


  1. Classic with its own Dewey


Ex.: text of Beowulf, translated by Michael Swanton

130 0  Beowulf.  ‡l English & English (Old English)


829.3                    -Beowulf’s Dewey

B481                     -Cutter for 130 +

E                            -for English translation +

s9                                      -letter and number from translator Swanton’s Cutter =





Ex.: a criticism of Beowulf by J.R.R. Tolkien

100 10  Tolkien, J. R. R. ‡q (John Ronald Reuel), ‡d 1892-1973.

245 10 Beowulf and the critics /  ‡c by J.R.R. Tolkien

630 00  Beowulf.


829.3                    -Beowulf’s Dewey

T649b                  -Tolkien’s Cutter and work mark from the 245 field (DO NOT double cutter for 630 field)


  1. Classic without its own Dewey


Ex.: Gilgamesh—the adventures of an ancient Babylonian hero

130 0   Gilgamesh.  ‡l English.

245 10  Gilgamesh :  ‡b a new English version /  ‡c Stephen Mitchell


892.1                    -Dewey for Assyro-Babylonian literature

G473                     -Cutter for Gilgamesh +

E                            -for English translation +

m6                        -letter and number for translator Mitchell =





Ex.: a criticism of  Gilgamesh

100 1  Tigay, Jeffrey H.

245 14  The evolution of the Gilgamesh epic

630 00  Gilgamesh.


891.2                    -Dewey for Assyro-Babylonian literature

G473                     -for 630 00  Gilgamesh +

 T566a                   -from Tigay’s Cutter + workmark =







  1. Other title subjects: Movies and TV shows


If a book is about a specific movie or TV show, there will be a 630 00 field as the first 6xx field. Treat this as a “biography” of the movie or show. Cutter for the 630 field, add a double cutter and a letter for the main entry.


Ex.: A book about the movie Citizen Kane by Laura Mulvey.


791.4372               -Dewey for individual movies +

C581                      -Cutter for Citizen Kane +

M6691c                  -Letter and Number from Mulvey’s Cutter + workmark=