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Weird Cutters

Most cuttering can be done by following the directions in “Basic Cuttering.” However, there are many situations that these directions don’t quite cover, or that need further explanation. These situations will be covered here.
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There are some authors (usually literary, but not always) who are best known under a pseudonym (or an alias, if you want to put it that way)

Under AACR1, all authors were listed under their REAL names, with the pseudonym as a “see” reference


Ex.: Mark Twain’s real name is Samuel Clemens

a. Many of the older books we own are under Clemens and are Cuttered C625

b. Then, AACR2 ruled that the most commonly used form of name, e.g., Mark Twain, whose Cutter is T969

c. We were continuing to Cutter for Clemens


Present practice: Use the Cutter for the presently used form

            a. If there are only a few books (10 or less) with the old Cutter, change them

b. Otherwise, leave the old ones unchanged