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Weird Cutters

Most cuttering can be done by following the directions in “Basic Cuttering.” However, there are many situations that these directions don’t quite cover, or that need further explanation. These situations will be covered here.
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Some books (usually textbooks) have manuals, student workbooks, etc.

a. These are not necessarily by the same author as the main text

b. They don’t have the same title as the main text

c. The accompanying manuals, etc., must be shelved together with the main text

i. Use the same call number as the main text, regardless of the manual (workbook, etc.) author and title

ii. After the last line of the call number, add an appropriate descriptive word (manual, workbook, etc.) Use more than one word if needed. Always capitalize and use the singular form


Ex.: New perspectives in abnormal psychology edited by Alan E. Kazdin

Call no.:




An instructor's manual for New perspectives in abnormal psychology by Vincent B. Van Hasselt


Call no.:





Note that the basic call number is the same, even though there is a different author.


Some examples of designations:


Workbook                             DVD

Student Manual                   SuppL.

CD                                      Index (usually for serials)

Disk                                     Handbook

Teacher Ed.