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Cataloging Posters for the ETL

This is an overview of how to catalog posters for the ETL.
Tags: Copy cataloging, Curriculum Materials Library, Edmon Low Library, ETL, Poster, Resource Management


The Mary L. Williams Education and Teaching Library (ETL) at Oklahoma State University often receives posters to add to their collection.  If no record can be found for the poster on OCLC, the following guidelines are followed to create a local record.



Publication Status

s: Single known date/probable date

change if  more than one date is known

Date 1 (yyyy)


Use the copyright year

Date 2 (yyyy)


Use the printing year if applicable

Place of Publication


Select appropriate code if known

Running Time

nnn: Not applicable

There is no runtime for a print piece



Select appropriate code

Accompanying Matter



Govt. Publication


Select appropriate code

Form of Item

_: None of the following


Type of Material

i: Picture



n: Not applicable



eng: English

Change if foreign language poster

Modified Record

_: Not modified


Cataloging Source

c: Cooperative cataloging program



In the 020 field enter the ISBN number if present.


The 100 field contains author information.

1st Indicator: 1 tells the order that the name will be in inverse order:

Name:  ǂa Last, First Middle,

Birthdate: ǂd ____ -  Include this information only if it is contained on the vita. Otherwise delete this subfield.

ǂe author. This subfield indicates a relator term.  Local ETD records will use the term ‘author’.


1st Indicator will be 1 if there is a statement of responsibility and 0 if none exists.

The 2nd Indicator will vary depending upon the title and article (a, an, the), if present. 

ǂa contains the title. Check this carefully paying attention to content accuracy and capitalizing proper nouns.

ǂc contains the author/statement of responsibility.

A 246 field may be added if there is an alternate title or a misspelling in the title.  See procedures for more detail.


This field may contain Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright information.  For OSU:

2nd Indicator will be 1 to indicate that we are giving information about Publication.

ǂa tells the City/State location of the publisher.

ǂb names the publisher.

ǂc Year of publication in this position should match the date in the Leader. 


If a copyright exists:

Edit 008 to include both dates and show both 264 fields.

The first 264 will have brackets around the date/year.  A second 264 will be added to give the copyright year using ǂc ©____.


This field contains the physical description. 

ǂa  1 poster     if this is a poster of a chart, map, or other item type, consult a cataloger.

ǂb color illustrations is the most common entry.  Edit if needed to describe the poster in hand. 

336, 337, 338

These fields are constant for all posters: 336 (Content Type), 337 (Media Type), 338 (Carrier Type). 


The 500 field contains any relevent notes such as “Title and color illustration on one side; verso has text and color illustrations” or “mileposts 2 & 18.”


590 is a local note field which we use to indicate that this is a local record only and not uploaded to OCLC.  Please record LOCAL RECORD in all capital letters. 


This coding indicates source not specified.

ǂa  will contain information about the posters subject.  In a 651 field this will be a Geographic Name, while a 650 will be used for all Topical Terms.

ǂv  tells that this is a Poster “of” that topic.  If it were “about” posters of Ford Ord, we would use ǂx.





Holding Record


For poster call numbers, shelf list