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Cataloging ETL Textbooks

The ETL receives textbooks as large sets, and they require special cataloging procedures.
Tags: Cataloging, Copy cataloging, Curriculum Materials Library, ETL, Textbooks
  1. Verify the bibliographic record, and do any local editing needed:
  1. Review the 300 field.  The main textbook item is identified in the 300 ‡a subfield.  Pieces other than the textbook (e.g., transparencies, teacher’s ed., etc.) must be listed in a 300 ‡e subfield with each item separated by a + sign.  Add or edit the ‡e subfield as needed:


300 ‡e EXAMPLE (DO NOT add separate ‡e for each item)

300  ‡a 7 v. : ‡b  ill. ; ‡c 24-28 cm. + ‡e teacher’s edition + workbooks + black line masters + transparencies.


  1. If the original record lists many accompanying materials which we did not receive, add a 590 note detailing which items are missing.  In general, listing what the Library has in the 866 should be sufficient.


590 Field EXAMPLE

590  ‡a Lacks workbooks, black line masters, and transparencies.


  1.  If there are oversize books (40+ cm.) and they are cataloged separately, add a 650 subject field to the oversize book bibliographic record.


650 Field EXAMPLE

650_0 ‡a Big book