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Cataloging ETL Textbooks

The ETL receives textbooks as large sets, and they require special cataloging procedures.
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Creating an Item Record

  1. Create an item record for each barcoded piece.
  2. Scan in the barcode for the item.
  3. Determine the piece designation for the item.  Use abbreviations as needed.  Keep designations as short as possible:


Item Designation Item Designation
activity Act. manual  
activity book Act.Bk. lab manual  
advanced Adv. lab guide  
assessment book Assess.Bk. practice  
book Bk. readings  
CD-ROM CD resource  
copy masters Copy Masters student edition SE
edition Ed. study guide  
guide Guide teacher's edition TE
introductory Intro. test bank  
instructor Instr. transparencies Trans.
instructor's guide Instr.Guide workbook WkBk.
instructor's lab Instr. Lab    
  1. Enter the ENUM field information.
  1. If the call number contains the grade level, the ENUM will contain only the piece designation.
  2. If the grade level is not part of the call number, the ENUM will contain the grade level then a space and the piece designation.
  3. The grade level is entered with no space between caption and number. (e.g., Gr.K-6, Gr.1-2).
  4. Do not exceed 8 characters.
  5. If the main item has no designation, ENUM with contain the grade only or will be blank.  Indicate [main item] in the CHRON field.
  6. If the ENUM information does not clearly and explicitly identify the item, add additional identifying information to the CHRON field (the CHRON field will not print onto call number labels).
  7. EXAMPLE: Grade level not in call no.; item is non-specific main piece.


      EXAMPLE:  Grade level in call number; item has specific designation.

  1. Complete the work card
  1. Add Voyager number
  2. Add location – check CML on the work card
  3. Note number of volumes and/or nonbook materials included
  1. Complete any special processing flags and create any title inserts, etc. that are needed.
  1. Return items to the cataloger for review.