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Added Copy Procedures

The library often purchases multiple copies of the same book, and these require special steps for cataloging.
Tags: added copies, Copy cataloging, DRDS, Monographs, Resource Management
  1. Determine whether it is an added copy.

1.  Search for record in Alma by alternate number information (aka bib id) if available in book or by title. Verify that the copy matches that bib record by matching the following:

a. 020 field = ISBN

b. 245 field= Title

c. 250 field =Edition

d. 260 field= Publisher and Year

e. 300 field=# of pages

If the copy in hand and the bib record match, go to step II.  If they do not match, continue to attempt to find a matching bib record.


2. Search in Alma for another record.  If it is not found, treat it as new title. Search in OCLC for a match record. If an OCLC record is found, follow the procedure for cataloging new title. (Monograph copy cataloging) If a matching record is not found, give it to a cataloger for original cataloging. If in doubt, do not make any changes. Give it directly to the cataloger.