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Added Copy Procedures

The library often purchases multiple copies of the same book, and these require special steps for cataloging.
Tags: added copies, Copy cataloging, DRDS, Monographs, Resource Management

II. Add Purchased Added Copy.

MFHD has been created by Acquisitions.

  1. 852 $b location

Match location in 852 $b with the location flag placed in book. If the book is not flagged, it will be for Main. The first indicator for 852 should be 1, and the2nd indicator should be zero.  Therefore, 852 10

  1. 852 $h Dewey no. $i Cutter.

Copy call number from 852 $h and $i of the MFHD added previously to the 852 $h and $i of the new MFHD. 

  1. 852 $x for added copy note

Make sure that there is an added copy note entered by Acquisitions staff in the format of “addcpy”.  If it is not present, add $x addcpy to the end of the 852 field.

                        Example:  852 10  $b Main $c Book $h 338.9439 $i K84iE ‡x addcpy

  1. 852 $t to delineate which copy it is.

Make sure that there is a $t note after the $i; Alma will not allow multiple exact copies of any holding to be saved.

Example: 852 10 $b Main $c Book $h 823 $i B869j $t 2