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Added Copy Procedures

The library often purchases multiple copies of the same book, and these require special steps for cataloging.
Tags: added copies, Copy cataloging, DRDS, Monographs, Resource Management

III. Add Gift /Added Copy.

  1. Add gift note to 590 field of bib record.

If there is a gift plate, follow the instructions outlined in Gift Plate Procedures, except preceding the note with the word “One copy” or “Two copies”:

One copy gift of XXXX

  1. Check if the gift code is set for Acq Method in 008 field.


  1. Follow the instructions in II.1, and 2, to enter data to 852 $b, $c, $h, and $i.  However, the staff note in $x is different.  It should read $x gift; addcpy; <initials of creator>.  It is not already entered by Acquisitions staff, add it to the x field.

            Example:  852 10  $b Main $c Book $h 338.9439 $i K84iE ‡x gift;addcpy;iv

  1. Change the subfield code of date received from z to x:

If the MFHD created by Acquisition has a date received note, change the subfield z (public note) to a subfield x (private note).

                        Before (subfield z)


                        After (subfield x)