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Basic Cuttering

The Cutter number helps to ensure that each book has a unique identification number. This guide gives instructions for basic Cuttering.
Tags: Copy cataloging, Cutter, DRDS, Edmon Low Library, Resource Management

I.  Personal Author Cuttering (100 tag)

  • NOTE: When adding a work mark for a title that begins with “L” be sure to use a capital L to distinguish it from a numeral 1 (one).
  1. Highlight the last name and first letter of the first name
  1. Use the macro (middle mouse)
    1. A letter and 2 or 3 numbers will appear–this is the Cutter
    2.  Add a work mark (lower case letter from the first significant word of the title (245 field))
  • Ex.:     100|1|-|    Hemingway, Ernest
    • 245|1|4|   The sun also rises    


      HEME 488

      Hemingway Ea

      Hemm 489




  • Ex.:     100|1|-|    De la Mare, Walter, ≠d 1853-1956
    • 245|1|0|   Behold this dreamer!
    • D366

      DELAM 366

      Delamare Wa

      DELAN 377




  • Ex.:     100|1|-|    Garcia Lorca, Federico, ≠d 1898‑1936
    • 245|1|4|   The house of Bernarda Alba 
    • G216

      GARCI 216

      GarciaLorea Fa

      GARD 217