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Dewey Numbers for Literature

This is a guide to our local practices regarding Dewey numbers for literature
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Works of individual authors:

Class creative works of individual authors in the appropriate literature and literary form. When the literary form is not provided in the schedule (as in the case of 839, 849, and 891-899), use the following table (but do not subdivide by period).  See Table 3A in Dewey.

            --1       Poetry

            --2       Drama

            --3       Fiction

            --4       Essays

            --5       Speeches

            --6       Letters

            --7       Satire and humor

            --8       Miscellaneous writings


            Ex.:     American fiction      813 (8 for literature, 1 for North America, 3 for fiction from table above)

            Ex.:     Swedish drama        839.72  (8 for literature, 3 for Germanic literature other than Germany, 9 for North Germanic literature, .7 for Swedish literature, 2 for drama from table above)