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Dewey Numbers for Literature

This is a guide to our local practices regarding Dewey numbers for literature
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Collections of works:


            Class in the appropriate literature and literary form.


            Collections by one author:

                        Use the same Dewey as for single works.


Ex.:   Twain, Mark, ‡d 1835-1910. Mark Twain : ‡b the complete interviews / ‡c edited by Gary Scharnhorst.

818/.409 ‡2 22  T969Zt9 (delete /.409 and use 818)





            Collections by four or more authors:

 Use the form division 08 for collections, i.e. 813.08. The division may sometimes be 008.  If the OCLC record gives a Dewey, use it as is (but do not subdivide by period).


                        Ex.:     Harlan, William K.  Probes : an introduction to poetry.

                        811.08 H283p


                        Ex:      Conversation pieces : poems that talk to other poems.

                        821.008 C766