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Rosetta CSV Converter

This guide will discuss the workflow of converting a digital collection's metadata information into a Rosetta formatted file.

How to create a CSV Conversion Script Template:

Two files will be needed to create the CSV Conversion Script Template: a base file (a file that needs to be converted) and a Rosetta CSV Template (created with the base file in mind).  

Rosetta CSV Template Recap

The following process provides the steps needed to create and download a Rosetta CSV Template. These steps clarify the instructions found in the Getting Started > Rosetta Template section.

  • Create Rosetta CSV Template
    • Deposits > Deposit Arrangements > CSV Templates > Click Add CSV Template
    • Use the base file to determine the Metadata Fields to select
  • Download template
    • Deposits > Deposit Arrangements > Content Structure > Change Add Content Structure to CSV Loader Converter > Add
    • Choose a name to help describe the CSV Content Structure
    • Select the CSV Template just created
    • Select the appropriate CSV Option associated with the CSV structure
    • Click Save
    • Click on either the template name or View
    • Click Download CSV Template
    • It helps to note where the template was downloaded

Creating the Conversion Script Template

  • Load the CSV Converter for Rosetta program
    • WARNING: To prevent errors, make sure the base file and Rosetta CSV template are not in use by other programs
    • Click on the Conversion Script Designer Tab at the top
    • Click the Create/Modify button
    • Make sure the Create tab is selected
      • Browse to Rosetta Template
        • Click the Browse button to the right
        • Navigate to downloaded Rosetta CSV template
        • Click Open
      • Browse to Base File
        • Click the Browse button to the right
        • Navigate to base file that requires converting
        • Click Open
      • Click the Load button
    • WARNING: This is the most complicated part of the process
        • Check one of the four columns; Col (Collection), IE (Intellectual Entity), Rep (Representation), File
          • Check the appropriate column only
          • To see a breakdown of the Rosetta CSV template Metadata fields, on Rosetta navigate to Deposits > Deposit Arrangements > CSV Templates and select the download CSV template
          • Not all Rosetta fields will need/require a base field
            • ​Select a base field to associate with a Rosetta field
    • When finished
      • Click Save
      • Make sure to save this file in the directory displayed in the save dialog window
        • This directory is the templates directory, located in the same directory the program executed from
        • After providing a name click Save
    • Click Close