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Rosetta CSV Converter

This guide will discuss the workflow of converting a digital collection's metadata information into a Rosetta formatted file.


  • If a Conversion Script Template has not been created review the Conversion Script Template Section
  • If a Conversion Script Template has just been created or modified:
    • Return to the CSV Converter for Rosetta window of the program and select the Converter tab


Converting a Base File with Rosetta Ingestion Formatting

  • Make sure the Converter tab is selected
  • Select the file to convert
    • Click the Browse button to the right
    • Navigate to base file that requires converting
    • Click Open
  • Select the predefined Conversion Script Template from the drop down list
    • After selecting the template, a list of fields is generated in the Manual Entry > All Types tab to allow for manual entry of values that will be entered into the final converted file
    • For example:
  • By default, the program assumes the file being converted is a list of simple objects
  • If the file is complex, select the Complex radio button
    • The program will automatically switch to the Manual Entry > Complex tab
    • Select the column from the base file that contains representations
    • Uncheck the checkbox for each value in the list that is not a representation
  • If everything appears to be correct, click Convert
  • The program will automatically switch to the Converted File tab
    • Here the output can be reviewed before it is saved
  • If changes are needed
    • Select the Manual Entry tab
      • Make changes on each tab as necessary
    • Click Convert
    • Review
  • When finished
    • Click Save
      • After providing a name and selecting a destination click Save
    • Click Close