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Rosetta Submission Job Creation

One Step Forward, Two Steps Around

For first time Submission Job creation, use the following steps:

Create Producer Group

  • Deposits --> Producer Groups

Code - this is the name of the Producer Group; use one word or connect with underlines
Description - describes the Producer Group; can have spaces
Language - fill this field in with "English", without quotes
Default Value - do not select

Once your fields are filled in, click on "Create". !!DO NOT LEAVE THE PAGE!! Before you leave the page, you must click on  Save 

Add Producer Group to Negotiator Role

  • Data Management --> Manage Users --> "select user"/Update --> Negotiator-Full/Update --> "select Producer Group"

Under the  Role Parameters , check the box next to the new Producer Group

Create Producer Profile

  • Depostis --> Producer Profiles -->  Add Producer Profile  -->

Name - this is the name of the Producer Profile; use one word or connect with underlines
Status - fill this field in with "ACTIVE", without quotes
Status Date - ingore
Active Deposits Quota (GB) - fill this field in with "100000000", without quotes
Default Sampling rate (%) - fill this field in with "0", without quotes
Fast Track Enabled - ignore

When done, click  Save 

  • note: we will come back to the Material Flow List later

Create Submission Format

  • Deposits --> Submission Format

Click on the dropdown next to Add Submission Format and select "NFS"

Click on "Add"

Name - this is the name of the Submission Format, not to be confused with the Submission Job (not there yet); use one word or connect with underlines
Description - describes the Submission Format; can have spaces
Handling Method - Select the "Copy" radial button
Allow Navigation - check the box
NFS Path - this path is very important! here you will specify the destination of where your SIPs will reside for ingestion
Sub-directory - leave empty
Max. Number of Files - 1000000000 (honestly, we are just placing a very large placeholder number here to cover our bases)
Min. Number of Files - 1
Max File size - 1000000000 (same as number, just size-wise this time)
File Extensions - if you want to specify any file extensions that you do not wish to be included in this collection this is where you do it

When done, click  Save 

Create Metadata Form

  • Deposits --> Metadata Form

Click on  Add Metadata Form 

Under "Design Information"
Name - this will be the name of the Metadata Form
Description - this is where you can describe what the Metadata Form will be used for
Form Layout - this dropdown allows for how many columns your form will have

When done, click on  Save Form 

Under "Fields Information"

  • This is where you build a "metadata template" for Rosetta to read
  • Selecting "Add New Field" will give you the option to input another field, such as: Title, Creator, Date
  • Build the Form however you want

Field Name - 
Type - 
DC Tag - 
Mandatory - 
Validator - 
Single Line - 
Default Value - 
Tooltip - 
Label - 

When completing a field, click on "Save Field" THIS IS IMPORTANT!

When done, click on  Save Form 

Create Content Structure

  • Deposits --> Content Structure

Under the Add Content Structure dropdown, select "Mets Converter", click "Add"

Name - this is the name you will give your Content Structure; you can simply name it METS, as this can be used multiple times
Status - default is "Active"

When done, click on  Save 

Create Material Flows

  • Deposits --> Material Flows

Under the Filter dropdown, select "Generic"

Click on  Add Material Flow 

There are 2 steps to this process.

Step 1:

Name - this is where you name your Material Flow; mandatory
Material Flow template - default is "Automated"

When done, click on  Next 

Step 2:

Under  Material Flow Definition 
 - this is the name of your Material Flow
Description/Instructions - you may describe or include instructions here for the Material Flow
Status - default is "Active"
Status Date - this will be auto-generated upon date of creation
Sampling Rate (%) - fill this field in with "0", without quotes
Material type - unless you know that your ingests will only be a specific type of file type, from the dropdown, select "General"
Internal - select "No" from the radial buttons
Assertion of Copyrights - for right now, select "Boilerplate Statement 1", from the dropdown
Metadata Profile - for right now, select "validationProfileBasic", from the dropdown

Under  Technical Definitions 
Select content structure - from the dropdown, select the Content Structure that you made in the last step
Select submission format - from the dropdown, select the Submission Format that you made in a previous step

Under  Descriptive Definitions 
Select Metadata form - from the dropdown, select the Metadata Form that you made in a previous step

Under  Access Right Form  , click the plus next to "No restrictions" and under  Retention Policy Form  do the same for "No Retention Policy"

Attach Material Flow to Producer Profile

  • Deposit --> Producer Profile

If we go back to the Producer Profile page, click on the "Update" of the Producer Profile that you have created in a previous step. On the next page, you will see a tab that says "Material Flow List". Click on that.

What you will see are two windows labeled:
     Producer Profile: Materal Flows Selected
     Material Flow pool

Under the Material Flow pool, you can now click on the Material Flow that you have just created, and once you click on  Add Selected , you will have added the Material Flow to your Producer Profile.

Create Producer


Attach Material Flow to Producer

  • Go to Producer, locate Manage Material Flows