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Initial Articles

This is a guide to the initial articles that need to be excluded.
Tags: Copy cataloging, DRDS

Initial articles are “A, An, and The” at the beginning of a title which must be excluded when searching on OCLC or Alma.  This applies not only in English, but in other languages.  Below is a list of fields in which one of the indicators refers to the number of non-filing characters before the first word to be indexed (including the space between the article and the first word).

Fields with first nonfiling indicator:


            130    (130|4|-|         The  birds)

            730    (730|3|-|         An  American in Paris)

            740    (740|2|X|        A  walk in the park)


Fields with second nonfiling indicator :




            245     (245|1|4|        The   magic flute )


            440     (440|2|-|       A   Time-life book)



Fields with no nonfiling indicators:

(Delete initial articles from these fields if present)







            Omit initial articles after subfield $t in the following fields:

            700, 710, 711,780, 785, 800, 810, 811


                        (700 1   Du Maurier, Daphne. $t Birds


                        NOT:  700 1   Du Maurier, Daphne. $t The birds)