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Cataloging and Classifying Scores

Scores are a special breed of monograph, and require their own special cataloging procedures.
Tags: Cataloging, Copy cataloging

Scores with parts:

            The different parts must be accounted for in the holdings record on Alma and in the item records.  For each score with parts, a processing flag will also need to be filled out.

 Do not consider duplicate parts as added copies, but as individual parts needed for each instrument in the ensemble.

Ex.:  Main score, with music for all instruments; 1 part for piano; 2 copies of the first violin part; 2 copies of the second violin part; 1 copy each of the viola and cello parts. Intended to be used by a group of 7 musicians.

            866 3 1   ‡8 0 ‡a 1 score + 7 parts


            866 3 1  ‡8 0 ‡a 1 score + 1 piano conductor part + 2 first violin parts + 2 second violin parts + 1 viola part + 1 cello part


            In the item record for the parts (above), be sure to enter “Parts” (or cello part, etc.) in the Enum, generate a description, and note the number of physical pieces in the “Pieces” space.