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Important to remember

Because we use MachForms for student applications we need to retain them for a minimum of 2 years.

9-6 Applications for Employment File File is subject to 51 O.S., §24A.7

Description: Applications for employment. File may also include resumes,
recommendations, correspondence, and related records.

Disposition: (1) For applicants who are hired file in records applicable Personnel File
(Series 9-1). (2) For applicants who are not hired, retain all applicable records in agency for two (2) years after making of the records or the personnel action involved, whichever occurred later, then destroy provided no legal actions involving hiring or promotion are pending. If legal action is pending, destroy two (2) years after exhaustion of all legal remedies provided records meet all stipulated retention requirements. [29 CFR, §1602.49]

Language Correction April 15, 1987
Amended April 15, 1992

If we migrate, update or delete the machforms server we need to keep the student records for at least two years.