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Downloading ETDs

FTP Setup

Using WS-FTP, use these settings:

Click Apply. Click OK.

Your window should look roughly similar to this. You will notice that in the right window, it says /users/UMI/UMI. This is because I selected the UMI in the first folder under /users and then the UMI folder under /users/UMI.

These files are ready to be downloaded for use.


On the T:\ drive (T:\Digitization\ETD), create a folder that will contain the ZIP folders:

  • etd_downloads_yyyy-mm-dd

If you've closed your WS-FTP window, or if it has timed out, reopen it.

Click on the Refresh tab, just to be sure that the folder appears in the folder T:\Digitization\ETD, within WS-FTP

Open that folder and you should now be greeted with a green up arrow with two dots and several blue drive folder icons. Now we can transfer the files over.

On the right side, select all of the files that you want to move. Once they're selected, click on the arrow pointing to the left, located in the center.

This will transfer all of the files from the online server to your newly created folder on the T:\ drive.