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Scopus: More info

Issues/Features of Note

Author searches work differently from the Document Search screen than they do on the Author Search tab. Main screen – only shows and searches author initials. Author tab allows you to type in full name and/or initials and get all the variations and their associated author profiles. E.g.: Gschneidner K (no need for asterisk) = 6 of 9 author results. Notice link to “show profile matches with 1 document”

Author affiliation info can only be changed by contacting Scopus directly.

Affiliation search – cannot limit to Ames Iowa – can only search affiliation city (no state).

Full-text – look for a link labelled View at Publisher.

View in Search Results Format – lets you mark/manipulate individual records and analyze.

View Secondary Documents link next to number of document results (in either the author list of publications or after an author search) – pulls up other things in reference lists that are also authored by the author but not in Scopus core database.

View Citation Overview – similar to citation report in WoS.

Patent results are “powered by Lexis Nexis” – no way to limit to just U.S. patents or to download.

Reference searching – note some journal references do not display article titles – especially true in the sciences!! Can do author last name and journal title words….and multiple author last names as reference search.

Reference List– articles do not automatically show all references – only the first 80 – unless you click on show all references at the bottom of the screen.

Refine is deceptive – mouse over bottom of box to see that you can view more – but you can continue clicking on “view more” multiple times and get even more results.

DownloadingScopus “encourages” mass batch downloading of records (including the associated PDFs)

Sources: Compare Sources link is located in the blue bar in the upper right corner of the page. You can also browse the list of sources by clicking Sources in the page header.