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Scopus: Author Analysis tools

Author search

A search for author or author ID from the Scopus search page will produce a complete report of the author's subject areas, publication and citation trends, h-index and co-authors.  A complete list of their publications with bibliometric information and citations is listed below the graphed trends.  Selecting "Follow this author" will create email alerts for new publications.

Author search results - AS OF November 12, 2018

Analyze author tool

Author analysis tools

Author analysis results shown were reported as of November 12, 2018.

View h-graph

Selecting "View h-graph" from the upper right hand corner produces a graph of the published works used to determine the h-index and a list sorted from the most to least highly cited works. The years used to calculate it can be adjusted and self-citations and books can be excluded by selecting the appropriate buttons.

More author analysis

Below the h-graph are pie charts that show publications by source, year, type and subject area.  The results of author analyses can be exported, printed or emailed.  Additional details about each of the author analysis metrics are available at