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Oral History Discovery Website (Modx)

Covers the structure, creation, and management of content in the discovery tool.

Content Hierarchy

The content is stored in four (4) different records types:

  • Repositories
    • Locations or Institutions (OSU-OOHRP, Oklahoma Historical Society)
  • Collections
    • A collection of Interviews group by topic or subject 
    • Collections are created by a single repository.
  • Interviews
    • Individual interviews with in a collections
    • Interviews are part of a Collection.
  • People
    • Individual records for the interviewer(s) and interviewee(s).


Repository and People Records
  • The records for Repositories and People do not have dependencies on the other content types.
  • You must create the Collection and People records before importing Collection and Interview records.


Collection Records
  • You must create the hosting Repository record before create a Collection record.


Interview Records
  • You must create the hosting Collection record before you import Interview records.
  • You must create the People records with the Interviewee(s) and Interviewer(s) before you import Interview records.
    • The Interviewee(s) and Interviewer(s) are optional fields.


You must create the collection record before you import items into the collection. Collection is not automatically created upon ingest