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Oral History Discovery Website (Modx)

Creating import CSVs 


Please see the following documentation before importing records:

Download Repository import template.
Download Collection import template.
Download Interview import template.

People (interviewees and interviewers)

Instructions for each Column:
  • Published set to  0 or 1 only.
    • 0 (zero) record is unpublished and will not show on website.
    • 1 (one) record is published and will show on the website. 
  • Parent must be set to 2.
  • Template must be set to 5.
  • Pagetitle contains the full name (fname lname).
  • TV18 contains the first name.
  • TV19 contains the last name.
  • Content contains the bio for the individual.
    • Replace all commas with %2E .

*When using Excel on Mac OSX, export the CSV file using MS-DOS Comma Separated (.csv) file format to ensure proper coding for line endings.

**Profile images have to manually uploaded.