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Madison Chartier: Profile

About Madison

Madison Chartier is the Metadata Librarian for Oklahoma State University Library’s Digital Resources and Discovery Services team. She received her master's in library science from Indiana University Bloomington in spring 2018 with a concentration in archives and records management.

As Metadata Librarian, Madison is responsible for creating and remediating metadata for OSU’s digital collections, including Faculty Papers, Honors College, and Electronic Theses and Dissertations. She develops data dictionaries or metadata application profiles to stipulate required metadata fields for each collection, as well as accompanying workflow documentation to detail how to populate these metadata fields. She also collaborates with OSU faculty and fellow librarians on digital humanities projects to offer OSU students insight on metadata development and how it can impact their research practice and impact.

Outside OSU, Madison volunteers with the Digital Library Federation’s Assessment Interest Group. She has facilitated and continues to participate with the Metadata Working Group, collaborating with other metadata professionals to assess and establish best recommended practices for metadata implementation and evaluation.

How can Madison help you?

  • Metadata
    • Schemas & Standards
    • Controlled Vocabularies
    • Data Dictionaries
    • Guidelines & Best Practices
  • Resource Description

Professional Service

Digital Library Federation (DLF)

       Assessment Interest Group (AIG), Metadata Working Group (MWG)                                January 2019-present

  • Documented meeting notes for the 2019 MWG and 2 subgroups:  Metadata Tools Repository and Metadata Quality Benchmarks
  • Distributed and analyzed results of a survey developed by the Metadata Quality Benchmarks (MQB) subgroup
  • Reviewed and supplied editorial comments and recommendations for the MQB survey white paper
  • Assessed OpenRefine as a metadata tool for the Metadata Tools Repository subgroup
  • Co-authored and edited a paper for publication as part of the MQB subgroup

           Co-facilitator, MWG, AIG Leadership                                                                              December 2019-December 2020

  • Documented meeting notes for the 2020 MWG
  • Developed agendas to identify project goals and guide project work
  • Led and directed meeting discussions and project work according to meeting agendas
  • Managed group communications
  • Collaborated with MWG co-facilitators to plan meeting agendas and identify project priorities
  • Collaborated with DLF AIG Leadership to provide updates on MWG project progress and to plan for DLF Forum proposal submissions
  • Encouraged and initiated discussions for presentation proposals from the group for DLF Forum
  • Initiated blogging project to highlight the MWG’s projects and achievements in lieu of a poster presentation for the DLF Forum

       Metadata Support Group                                                                                                     February 2019-present

Linked Data 4 (LD4)

       LD4 2020 Conference on Linked Data, Program Committee                                             October 2019-August 2020

  • Documented meeting notes and contributed insights on committee proposals and decisions
  • Coordinated communications and announcements concerning the LD4 Conference, including call for proposals and impacts of the coronavirus, among professional organization listservs and social media platforms
  • Evaluated presentation proposals to determine conference program content
  • Coordinated scheduling and communications with presenters for the “Metadata Implementation” section of the remote conference

Society of American Archivists                                                                                              May 2020-May 2021

       Electronic Records Section

       Encoded Archival Standards Section

       Metadata and Digital Object Section

       Professional Writing Virtual Section

       Records Management Section

American Library Association                                                                                                February 2019-February 2020

       Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS)

              Cataloging and Metadata Management Group

              New Members Round Table

              International Library Interests Round Table

Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA)                                                                        February 2020-February 2021

       Reviewer, MPLA Archives Taskforce

Oklahoma Library Association (OLA)

       Technical Services Round Table (TSRT)                                                                             January 2020-January 2021

       Awards and Scholarships Committee                                                                                  July 2020-January 2021

Book Reviewer, Reference & User Services Quarterly magazine                                        July 2020-June 2021

Presentations & Publications

National Conference Presentations

“Representation and Data Collection:  The Ethics of Using Linked Open Data for Oklahoma Native Artists.”  Presentation with Megan Macken, American Library Association Core Virtual Interest Group Week, Core Metadata Interest Group (remote conference, July 2021).

“Oklahoma Native Artists Project:  Using Linked Open Data to Promote Oral Histories and Native Artists.”  Poster session with Megan Macken, Linked Data 4 (remote conference, July 2021).

“Maximizing Productivity:  Expediting Metadata Creation and Cleanup for Electronic Theses and Dissertations at Oklahoma State University.”  Poster session, Code4Lib (Pittsburgh, PA, March 2020).

State/Local Conference Presentations

“Understanding Metadata:  What It Is, Why It Is Important, and How to Implement It.”  Presentation, Oklahoma Library Association (remote conference, July 2020).  [Invited.]

“Promoting Data Literacy Across Campus with Carpentries:  The Experience of Three Librarians.”  Presentation with Kay Bjornen and Phillip Doehle, Oklahoma Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries, Inc. (Tulsa, OK, November 2019).

Workshop Presentations

“Capitalizing on Automated Workflow:  Expediting Metadata Creation for Electronic Theses and Dissertations at Oklahoma State University.”  Presentation, Oklahoma Library Association, Technical Services Round Table (remote workshop, October 2020).  [Invited.]

Metadata Training Presentations

“Resource Description for the Digital Age:  An Introduction to Metadata.”  Presentation developed for the students of Intro to Digital Humanities, per the request of Dr. Stacy Takacs (Stillwater, OK, March 2021).

“Metadata:  What It Is, & Why It Is Important.”  Presentation developed for the students of History 4073, per the request of Dr. Brandy Thomas Wells (Stillwater, OK, September 2020).

“Name Standardization:  Defining Procedures and Practices for Oklahoma State University’s Digital Resources and Discovery Services’ Team.”  Presentation developed for Digital Resources & Discovery Services’ metadata student team (Stillwater, OK, August 2019).

“Titles and Descriptions:  Best Metadata Practices for Photograph Collections.”  Presentation developed for Scanning Services’ student team (Stillwater, OK, August 2019).

“Understanding Metadata:  What It Is, Why We Need It, & How We Use It.”  Presentation developed for Digital Resources & Discovery Services’ metadata student team (Stillwater, OK, August 2019).


Chartier, M., Macken, M., Milligan, S., & Pearson-Little Thunder, J. (2022).  “Oklahoma Native Artists Project:  Oral Histories to Linked Data.”  Chapter in Ethics in Linked Data, to be released in 2022.  [Book chapter to be submitted in December 2021.]

“2020 DLF Forum:  Building Community with DLF’s Assessment Interest Group” [blog post].  28 October 2020. Digital Library Federation (remote conference, November 2020).  Available at:


Gentry, S., Hale, M. L., Payant, A., Tarver, H., White, R., & Wittmann, R. (2020, May).  “Survey of Benchmarks in Metadata Quality:  Initial Findings.”  White paper developed as part of the DLF AIG MWG.  Available at: [Acknowledged as a contributing member of the Survey Team responsible for survey creation and response data analysis.  Invited to be a co-author for anticipated publication in 2021.]