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Experts Directory: Appraisal & Development

In Experts Directory, the Appraisal and Development forms are called Review Processes. If your department has adopted Experts Directory for this purpose, follow the steps below to write reviews for faculty and administer the review process.

  1. Navigate to Review Review Processes
  2. Review the Review Process
  3. Manage Review Processes

1. Navigate to Review Review Processes

In Experts Directory, annual reports are called Review Processes, therefore if you are responsible for reviewing these reports, you will "Review review processes."

  1. Login to Experts Directory.
  2. Go to Experts Directory menu icon(Menu) > Assessment > My Reviews > Review Processes
    • Screenshot to access reviews to review
  3. Click on Review review processes next to your college and/or department, for example:
    • 2020 College of Veterinary Medicine Appraisal & Development Review
    • Screenshot of the Review Review Processes option
  4. All faculty at the university currently conducting reviews will be displayed. Use the Member of Group filter on the right side of the page to navigate to the college or department you are reviewing. You can also filter by First or Last Name, Current Stage, or Reviewer Status. You may wish to view by Current Status to see what reviews you still need to work on. For example, if you are a Department Head, change the status to Department Review. If a faculty member's Review is In Draft, you will not be able to review it. To start the review, click Start Review.
    • Screenshot of filters for review


2. Review the Review Process

Add text and scores to the overall review and to specific sections/lists.

  1. If you wish to download a PDF of the information the faculty has added thus far, click on Export to Word or PDF. Then select Full export with reviewer comments 2021. Keep in mind this will not download any attachments--you must do this separately for each attachment.
    • Screenshot of Export to Word or PDF
  2. You have the option to review the Overall review as well as specific Lists/sections. The To-Do list on the right side of the page will let you know if you have any sections/list that have no reviews.
  3. Click on the Add Review box in the lower right corner of top box to write an overall review.
    • Screenshot of review box
  4. Then, Click the Add Review box on any of the subsequent boxes to review just those lists/sections. For example, if you wish to review a person's Scholarly Work, click the Add review button in that box.
    • Screenshot of review option for the Scholarly Work - Publications list with the Add Review box highlighted
  5. If the faculty member has added any attachments, you may download those by clicking the link in each list.
  6. Click on Save your review.
  7. Then click on Back to review overview on the right menu to return to your To-Do List. The box will now be green.
  8. If your college or department is not adding reviews or scores to a section/list, simply leave it blank.
  9. If you need to return the review to the faculty member to make additions or corrections, click on Move to 'In Draft' in the What's Next box on the right side of the page (you may need to scroll down).
  10. If you are finished, click on Mark my review as complete, then click Move to 'Group Review' in the What's Next box.
    • Screenshot of What's Next box: Move to in draft, move to group review, and Mark my review as complete
  11. If you wish to download a PDF of the review with your comments and scores, click on Export to Word or PDF, then click
    Full export with reviewer comments 2021. The reviewer comments will appear on the final page.
  12. In the Group Review stage, the faculty member will be able to add or modify existing content. If you wish to see your reviews, make sure to toggle the "Displaying reviews created in" option from "Group Review" to "Department Review." This is because your review text was created in the Department Review stage.
    • Screenshot of option to toggle the review display
  13. If you need to modify your review text, you will need to move it back to Department Review. See below section 3: Manage Review Processes.
  14. Once you and the faculty member have finalized your content, move it to the Confirmation stage.​​​​​​​ At the Confirmation stage, the faculty member, department head, and department head will be able to view, but not modify the Review Process. If changes need to be made, a research administrator (Dean or Department Head) will need to move the Review Process to a previous stage. See the following section for how to do that.


3. Manage Review Processes

Manually move review processes into different stages, or download, lock or delete a review process

  1. Go to Experts Directory menu icon(Menu) > Assessment> Manage Assessments > Manage Review Processes. Click Manage next to your college's process.
    • Manage Assessments
  2. You will see everyone in that group currently completing a review. Use the filters on the right side of the page to narrow by Review process stage (i.e. the stage a review is currently in), user status (i.e. whether a specific review is started, not started, needs attention, etc.).
  3. To search for an individual, click on the Select individuals instead option.
    • Screenshot of highlighted option to select individuals instead of groups
  4. Use the Move To drop-down menu to move a review into various stages.
    • Screenshot of Move To dropdown menu
  5. To Delete everything in a Review Process, including all content added by a faculty member and all reviews, click the red trash can. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN DELETING ANY CONTENT.
  6. To Download a review (excluding attachments), click on the blue download button next to the red trash can.