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ETD Remediation Workflow

This guide is created to outline the steps and guidelines for remediating metadata for our Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

Project Scope:

This workflow was developed to facilitate the remediation of our Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) collection, initiated in August 2019.  The workflow was designed in consideration of our student team, dictating priorities and areas of focus to update the metadata; correct spelling, formatting, and accuracy errors; and identify mismatched PDFs and replace the with the correct record,

The workflow is organized to reflect the structure of our ETDs and the 3 pages from which the metadata is drawn:

  1. the title page;
  2. the advisor/committee member signatures page; and
  3. the abstract and/or CV page.

Remediation Priorities:  Accuracy and Completeness

  • Do the URLs connect to the correct ETD?  The ETD described in the metadata?

  • Are metadata fields accurate?  (Does the metadata reflect what is written in the PDF?)

  • Are metadata fields complete?  (Title, Abstract, Keywords, Faculty Names.  Are any of these fields cut off or missing information?)
  • Spellcheck