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The EZproxy server provides off-campus access to library resources. Most of the library's digital content is behind a paywall unless you are affiliated with OSU. Content providers authenticate OSU users by looking at their IP address. A user must have an OSU affiliated IP address in order to gain access. EZproxy allows users to authenticate from off campus. The user logs into EZproxy using OSU's Central Authentication Service (CAS). Once authenticated, the content provider sees EZproxy's IP address which is on campus.

EZproxy provides the service by rewriting URL's. Each content provider needs a separate configuration set within the main_stanzas.txt configuration file. These configurations are called stanzas. Provider configurations change regularly; you need to keep them up to date. You will also need to add new stanzas whenever the library gets access to a new provider's content.

Current contact information

System administrator: Nikhil Motwani (

Alma administrator/Resource purchasing: Gala Lackey (

Systems point of contact: Duane Denham (