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LAB Flip Instructions

The process by which physical items in the Main Library are moved to the Library Auxiliary Building

1. Log into CAIASOFT at


2. Click "Reporting" on the left hand menu 








3. Choose "Item Barcodes" under Export Data













4. Set the parameters as follows:  

     Container Type: All 
     Collection: MAI - Main Library
     Material Type: All
     Accessioned From: (Day after previous report)
     Accessioned To: (Yesterday's date)
     Include Address Details: No
     Include Bibliographic IDs: Yes
     Include Deaccessioned Items: No
     Include Title Info: No

   Then click Generate



5. Save the new file in
‚Äč    with the name "Items_YYYYMMDD.xlsx"
    using the "Accessioned To" date.
    (Using the example in the picture above, the
    name would be Items_20191028)









6.   Open the file you just saved
      a. Highlight the first row with the column headings.
          Click on the "Data" tab and select "Filter"










      b. Filter the "Material" column for "map" 













      c. Highlight and delete any rows by right clicking on the
          row numbers. Then remove the column filter.














      e. Change the first column's title to "barcode" 
           (This tells Alma which identifier to use
             when it creates the set).
      f. Remove all other columns.
      g. Save the new file in
          with the name LR_yyyy-mm-dd.txt
      h. Note how many barcodes are in the list








7. In Alma, create Itemized Set named LR_yyyy-mm-dd by uploading the file you just created called LR_yyyy-mm-dd.txt

   a. Navigate to Admin > Manage Sets









   b. Then click "Add Set" and choose "Itemized"






   c. Set the parameters as follows:

           i. Set Name: LR_yyyy-mm-dd
           ii. Set content type: Physical Items
           iii. Private: No
           Iv. Chose from file and navigate to your
                saved file LR_yyyy-mm-dd.txt
           v. Click Save at top












8. Once notified that "Add Members to Set" has completed 
     check the "Members" in the set









     Make sure there are the same number in the set that you
      wrote down from step 6d.






     If the numbers match, step 8 was successful and you can continue on to step 9.

     If the number do not match and/or step 8 had exceptions/errors, continue to correct:


        a. Navigate to Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Monitor Jobs









        b. Find the Job ID in the History tab
            by searching for the Process ID sent in the email
            confirming the creation of the set.







        c. When located, click on the Action button [ . . . ] and
             click on Report







        d. Click on the file in "Download error file"
             and open the file. 










        e. Once opened, Filter the "Errors/Warnings" column
             to find the barcodes.












        f. Email barcode(s) to Ellen Ross in Cataloging. She will determine whether or not the barcodes need to be sent to the LAB for correction.

        g. Note how many are in the new set (without those sent to Ellen), and continue to step 9.


9. Once the set is created in Alma, run the "Change physical items" job to update the temporary location:

   a. Click on Admin > Run a Job 









   b. Search Name for "Change physical items", 







   c.Select the "Change physical items" program and click "Next"






   d. Search for your CWID under "Created by" to help find the
        file quicker.







   e. Select the LR_yyyy-mm-dd file you have been working with 
        on this run, and hit "Next"







   f. Under "Change temporary location information," select the
       check boxes next to the following fields and complete
       as follows:

             i. "Set item temporary indication to" and change to Yes





            ii. "Temporary Location" - Choose
                    Library Auxiliary Building > Lab Review (LABReview)








           iii. Due Back Date: Choose a date that is 2 years from the
                   date in the file name. (Example LR_2019-11-03 would
                   have a Due Back date of 11/03/2021)

           iv. Click the "Next" button






   g. Confirm you have the job set up correctly by checkiing
        that all the fields from the previous step are the same
        on this check page, and that the "Set Size" is the same
        number you had in step 8 or 8g. If all is correct, click "Submit".







   h. Again confirm that the number listed on this Confirmation
       Message is the same number that you had in step 8 or 8g. If
       they are the same, click "Confirm".



10. Once notified that the "Change physical items" job completed 
       successfully, review the set
              (Admin > Manage Sets > LR_yyyy-mm-dd)
       and verify that all changes are as expected by clicking the Action
       button and choosing "Members"










11. If everything looks as it should, the next steps will be in the Day Two Activities page and cannot be completed until the next day
      due to Alma's over night processing.