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LAB Flip Instructions

The process by which physical items in the Main Library are moved to the Library Auxiliary Building

1. Open Alma and navigate to "Analytics" at the top
     and click on "Design Analytics"





2. When the new window opens, click "Catalog" at the top.









3. From there you can navigate to the report you want by opening the folders where it is located.


Day 2 Part 1

Alma analytics is inconsistent when it comes to producing reports that mix items with a temporary location and items with no temporary location. Because of this you have to force a temporary location onto any LAB review related items that have no temporary location. Doing this makes the 'Part Moved' reports accurate.



1. In Alma Analytics, "Open" the LABReviewNULLitems analysis in
    Shared Folders > Oklahoma State University Libraries > Reports > LABReview











2. Export the analysis in tab delimited format

    Note: Check out the "Helpful Tips" page of this Libguide if you
      run into data issues such as numbers looking goofy when
      you open the file in Excel.







3. Open in Excel

    i. Delete the second column
   ii. Make sure the first line of the file is "Item ID"
  iii. Scroll down to find the number of rows in file
       (subtract one for the header name field)
   iv. S
ave the file with the name LR_NULL_yyyy-mm-dd.txt

         in T:\GeneralProjects\LABbarcodes\YYYY\MM
    v. Note how many items there are in the set.








4. In Alma, create an itemized set of items from the text file.

    i. Admin > Manage Sets








   ii. Click "Add Set" and choose Itemized 






  iii.  Input data for new set:
        Set Name: LR_NULL_yyyy-mm-dd

        Set content type: Physical items

        Private: No

        Choose from file and navigate to your saved file

        Click Save



  iv.  Make certain that the number of members in the group matches the number of items you noted from step 3v.


5. Combine sets to identify only those LR_NULL_yyyy-mm-dd
    items with a blank temporary location:

    i. Find the new LR_NULL_yyyy-mm-dd set in
          Admin>Manage Sets

   ii. Click the action button and choose Combine sets






   iii. Name the set "LR_NULL_yyyy-mm-dd - combined - ALL_NullTemporaryLocation"
           Private: no

           Combine: LR_NULL_yyyy-mm-dd

           Operation: And

           With: ALL_NullTemporaryLocation(DO NOT DELETE)

           Click Submit

           Click Confirm





6. Once notified that the job is complete, check to see if there are any members in the set.
    i. If there are members in the set, run the Change physical items job
























   ii. Set item temporary indication to: Yes
  iii. Temporary Location: Library Auxiliary Building 
   iv. Click Next, Submit, Confirm





7. Once notified that the job is complete, run the Change physical items job on the set again:

     Check box to Remove temporary item indication 








Don’t try to combine these two steps. Alma doesn’t combine things well.

These updates will not be available in Analytics until the next day.