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Final Metadata Review: Proposed Criteria and Workflow Between Archives, Scanning Services, and Metadata for Improved Digitization and Online Publication of Analog Collection Content

This LibGuide is intended to better identify criteria and needs in preparing and submitting collection metadata for final review. The steps proposed in this LibGuide are an effort to clarify the necessary steps and procedures for preparing good quality m

Digitization (Scanning Services)

5. Determine a consistent filenaming practice that will help reflect collection structure and order. This filenaming practice may be developed in collaboration with archives and the metadata team, if found to be necessary.

6. Scan images in collection order.

7. Apply filenames as determined.

Digitization (Scanning Services)

8. Conduct quality checks on the scanned and digitized images.

This step should involve opening every scanned, newly created digital file to verify that:

  1. All images were scanned correctly.  They are all:
    • correctly oriented, without
    • any images scanned backwards or flipped the wrong way.
  2. Any transcriptions on the back of photographs (deemed relevant by Archives) are scanned and included as part of the collection.
  3. No images were scanned with
    • overlapping content (e.g., corners of other digitized photos cutting into the picture), or
    • hints of other images overlaying the image content (e.g., accidental reflection of another image that ghosts over the one being scanned).
  4. No images were duplicated.
  5. No two images were given the same filename.

Digitization (Scanning Services)

9. For any scanned images of compromised quality, determine whether or not to:

  1. Scan them again, or
  2. Delete them from the collection.
  • Consultation with Archives may be required before proceeding with deletion and exclusion of content from a digitized collection.