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Final Metadata Review: Proposed Criteria and Workflow Between Archives, Scanning Services, and Metadata for Improved Digitization and Online Publication of Analog Collection Content

This LibGuide is intended to better identify criteria and needs in preparing and submitting collection metadata for final review. The steps proposed in this LibGuide are an effort to clarify the necessary steps and procedures for preparing good quality m

Final Metadata Review (Metadata)

The final file submitted to metadata for final review should be as close to a finished, finalized product as possible.  The final metadata review should anticipate no outstanding errors of content, image quality, or rights.

At the stage of final metadata review, the metadata librarian is chiefly responsible for reviewing metadata according to the guidelines as stipulated in the data dictionary provided to Archives and/or Scanning Services.  This review includes:

  • correct formatting of values created by Archives;
  • accuracy of genre and type terms, using the stipulated controlled vocabulary; and
  • completeness of metadata fields according to the data dictionary.

The metadata librarian will spot check files as necessary to verify the accuracy of completed metadata, but this is a spot check only.  Spot checking involves opening a random sample of files to see how well the metadata pairs up with the named file.  At the stage of final metadata review, the assumption is that all metadata supplied is an accurate reflection of the content described, and all metadata is correctly paired with the appropriate digital files.