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Chemistry REU: Research is a Conversation

Research is a Conversation

Exploring the Scholarly Conversation

Part 1 - Who is talking?

  1. Using one of the databases or Google Scholar, locate an academic article on the topic you will be researching this summer or a topic of interest to you. (5 min.)
  2. Read the abstract and scan the article (5 min.)
  3. Where did s/he work at the time the article was published? (2 min.)
  4. Where are they currently employed and in what capacity? (3 min.)
  5. What is their educational background? (3 min.)
  6. Are you able to locate other works written by the author? How/where? (3 min.)

Part 2 - What does the larger conversation look like?

  1. Identify a few points of interest in the article. Ask what issues are most relevant to your own interests and research.
  2. Where did this information come from? Did it come from another article or book? How do you know? Can you use the reference list to track down at least one other article or book that would be useful to your research?
  3. How can you utilize some of the tools within the databases to explore the conversation in more detail?